Experienced, Practical IT Consulting

Experienced, Practical IT Consulting

Experienced, Practical IT ConsultingExperienced, Practical IT ConsultingExperienced, Practical IT Consulting

About Us


Our Experience

Our founder and senior engineer Mr. David Webb, started in the IT industry during it's early years in the 1980's.   He was involved in the transition from the centralized computing environments offered by DEC and IBM, to network based distributed computing environments pioneered by Novell and Microsoft, and now the return to semi-centralized computer architectures known today as cloud based computing.

Mr. Webb has been providing valued advice and solid technical service to companies and government entities across the Midwest for nearly 30 years.  While primarily a systems engineer, he is also a software developer, having written and implemented applications for the communications industry, manufacturing/shop floor management,  EDI, and education sectors.  It has been noted that his business acumen is as developed as his technical skill, and as a result he has served in leadership roles for numerous business and non-profit organizations.

In the Ohio Valley region, Mr. Webb is part of the Buckeye Business Solutions group (www.buckeyebusiness.net), and inquiries about scheduling his time should be directed toward them.   They can be reached at 937-440-8510.

To inquire about consulting from Mr. Webb outside of the Ohio Valley, please contact Webbworks Inc. at the information provided on this page.  

Our Approach

We see technology as a tool to be leveraged toward reducing costs, improving your ability to provide products and services to your customers, and serve as an overall benefit to your organization.  The IT landscape of today is more complicated than ever, and we can help you build and improve your business.

Why Us?

We pride ourselves on being business oriented, not just technology oriented.  We can help you carry your business into the future, and ensure that the investment you make in computer technologies adds to your bottom line.